Why I’m running

As Boise continues to top the charts and grow at an unprecedented rate, many folks are both excited and concerned about the future of our beloved community. I also am excited and worried. I want to fight on behalf of our less privileged neighbors who are living in poverty. I want to fight for equitable access to public open spaces. I will support policies and programs that ease the congestion of our roads and promote affordable housing so that everyone’s quality of life will improve — to create a pathway for sustainable growth.

Despite the concerns that come with a growing city, I believe in the future of Boise. I believe that our local government must prepare for not just today and tomorrow, but also a decade down the road. Only then will we ensure the success of our city for now and for generations to come. This means we must protect our open spaces and community gathering places, plan out future public transportation modes, invest in affordable housing, and, ultimately, design a city that allows for a more efficient, smarter urban lifestyle. By doing this, I believe that we will be on our way to building an even stronger and brighter community. I believe that if we work together we can build a fuller future for everyone.